October Begins New Season In Grand Style!


October 5 begins the excitement with the Henson puppets in STUFFED AND UNSTRUNG; k.d. lang blows into town on Oct. 9 with her new band The Siss Boom Bang; Oct. 14 opens with the pride of Ireland, Celtic Thunder.

STUFFED AND UNSTRUNG: Wednesday, October 5, 8:00 pm

Entertainment Weekly listed STUFFED AND UNSTRUNG as one of the 10 best stage shows of 2010!  In this outing the Muppets demonstrate their adaptability in a no-holds-barred  foray into adult improvisation in which puppetry and improv comedy collide. The six puppeteers who execute the scenes are amazingly proficient at combining quick wit and physical prowess to inhabit and give life to the furry creatures created by Jim Henson.

“Avenue Q,” as stated by the New York Press, “opened mainstream eyes to the subversive side of puppetry, but the time has come to make room for another bawdy band of performing puppets.” Time Out New York summed it up by stating, “if you think Avenue Q’s  puppets are nasty wait until you get a look at the ones in Stuffed and Unstrung.  Jim Henson’s genius permiates the proceedings but its doubtful if you’ll ever be able to watch Sesame Street the same way again.” Off Broadway.com added, “as with a box of chocolate, the audience and performers never know what they are going to get….and the result is 2 hours of deliciously demented fun for grown ups.  When you’re a kid you are happy with cheap candy and now that you are grown up you prefer Godiva.” 

The basic silliness is irresistible and a couple of television clips from vintage days remind us of Jim Henson’s gentle genius.  From Sesame Street to this cleverly improvised group of comedy routines, Muppets and their human interpreters demonstrate the acting craft that makes live theater so rich and rewarding.