Get in the loop, Sarasota!

The Van Wezel thanks Sertoma Sarasota for their generous sponsorship of the Loop System

Question:  Every once in a while we may hear remarks about a “Loop System” from the hearing impaired.  What are loop systems?  How can they help the hearing impaired hear better and how does it relate to the Van Wezel?

Answer:  Loop systems are truly wonderful!  They let a large percentage of the hearing impaired hear infinitely better.  They work especially well in group settings where ambient sound is a problem and proximity to the sound source varies from good to bad.

Loop systems provide wonderfully clear sound.  This results in dramatically increased comprehension and listening pleasure.  The system’s transmitter broadcasts personalized sound to both of your ears.  Listening to a good loop system is like having the speaker talking or the music playing into both of your ears at the same time.

Loop systems are a class of Hearing Assisting Technology that works together with most hearing devices to help a percentage of the hearing impaired hear more clearly.  This system does not require the listener to wear anything extra in order to connect to the loop (no neck-loops, receivers nor headphones).  All you need are your hearing devices equipped with telecoils (Telecoils are just tiny coils of wire inside your hearing aid that pick up electromagnetic signals given off by the loop system).    Note: Not all hearing devices (new or old) have the capability to house the telecoil. Please consult with your professional audiologists for details.  The loop wire installed in an auditorium is the transmitting half of the system;   it works in conjunction with the auditorium’s amplification system to produce both the low and high frequency sounds which are converted into electromagnetic impulses which are picked up by the receiver in the hearing device.  The result is clean, clear, true sound controlled by the volume setting of your own hearing device! 

The loop system will be available to VanWezel patrons at the opening of our first show of this season. It is the first installation in a performing arts venue in the Sarasota area. This system compliments our existing infrared system.

Information regarding the loop system for personal home use can be obtained from the Hearing Loss Assn.of Sarasota.  (Edward Ogiba, president @941-966-8999)

Source material from: American with Disabilities Act; Center for Hearing Loss Help; Hearing Loss Association of Sarasota; Professional Audiologists.