7 Fingers: Traces

February 6, 2013 @8pm

We all know what we  think of when we hear the word “Circus”?  But, what would circus performers do if they had it their way?  What kind of circus troupe would they create if they were allowed to do more than just their speciality act and push themselves to the furthest limits of their abilities….enter 7 Fingers. Founded in Montreal in 2002, 7 Fingers: Traces initial goal was to bring circus to a human scale.  Its name is a twist on a French idiom — literally translated  “7 fingers of the hand” — used to describe distinct parts united tightly, and moving in coordination towards one common goal.  Here it refers to the seven founding directors of the company, who by combining their distinct talents and experiences, set off on a unique creative endeavour to unite their common artistic goals with the beautiful dexterity of a seven fingered hand.  The show blends 7 such diverse art forms as acrobatics, avant-garde dance, physical comedy, music, song, spoken word and interactive video. Fusing the traditions of circus with the energy of street performances, the artists of Traces employ every trick in the book–from exhilarating music, dance, and illusion; to skateboarding, basketball, and high risk acrobatics — to make a lasting impression. This barrier breaking formula has allowed Traces to accumulate a significant amount of notariety from all over the world.

Entertainment Weekly: “Pulse-pounding, electric, and immensely entertaining, Traces imbues jaw-dropping Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics with a current, youthful edge.”

Out New York: “Traces delivers high-energy theater that transcends language barriers as it leaves their trace on the Spoleto Festival!”

The Post and Courier Charleston: “Traces wins BEST SPECIAL EVENT for Off Broadway Alliance Awards.”

Time Magazine: “We found some of New York’s fittest in the acrobatic cast of the acclaimed modern circus show Traces.”

TimeOut New York-Sports & Fitness: “Traces acrobats play on their strength…an exhilarating dynamic performance!”

The Denver Post: “Its about leaving traces on the world, creating moments of joy in a safe haven.”

Time Out Chicago: “Circus arts can be seen in a fresh spotlight, but only in Traces.”

Chicago Sun-Times: “Summer schedule heats up with a new show landing on Broadway and beyond!”

Variety: “An acrobatic act, called Traces, blew us away on NBC’s America’s Got Talent!”

NY DailyNews: “The most fun and memorable 90 minutes you will have all year”