John Lennon’s Last Concert

February 13, 2013 @ 8pm

JUST IMAGINE you are sitting in the VanWezel Performing Arts Hall, eagerly anticipating the last concert appearance of John Lennon.  The house lights dim, the curtain opens, the stage lights up, the music begins and out walks John Lennon!  He is mesmerizing as he introduces many of his greatest hits with the famous Beatles,  his voice is in perfect form, backed by his well known band. You are enthralled by his enthusiam as he shares insights into his past, his philosophies, his dreams, his regrets and inspirations.  You are involved in a transformational and healing experience as you look into his eyes, hear his voice, and listen to so many of his wonderful songs.  The critics call his performance “masterful,” Las Vegus Review; A “critics choice!, remarkable, evocative, totally rocks” Los Angeles Times; “Groundbreaking” Beatles News. com; “Five stars!,” Entertainment Today; “Brilliant!,” Stage Scene LA. “Amazing!,”  Variety.  You can’t believe your senses… you are actually seeing and hearing John Lennon, but Just Imagine is far more than just imagination!

 have just experienced Lennon’s timeless music genius, as the amazing Tim Piper takes you through John’s life from tumultuous childhood to worldwide pop music superstar.  As the critics stated, “you can’t believe your senses, Tim Piper is John Lennon“.  As the LA Times reviewer stated: “Piper with his tea shades and overgrown hair is Lennon and his vocal stylings and intonations are impressive. While the band rocks on, an elaborate video show plays above them, featuring archival photos and thematic images”.

Tim Piper is a multi-faceted, musician, actor and songwriter who has traveled the world performing music made famous by the Beatles. From his early teen years in Southern California, Piper played in numerous original and Top 40 “cover bands”, while honing his skills as a guitarist, bass player, singer and songwriter.  In addition to being a member of various Beatle tribute bands, including Revolution, Piper has distinguished himself as the pre-eminent John Lennon with roles in the CBS production The Linda McCartney Story, E! Channel’s production of The John Lennon Story, Beatle Wives, and more recently as the singing voice of John Lennon for the NBC-TV Movie of the Week, In His Life- the John Lennon Story”. As one reviewer said, “it is as if Tim Piper is channeling John Lennon.  The music… the dialogue… both create a moving theatrical event that appeals both to die-hard Beatles fans and to audiences in general. He envelopes the audience into the belief that he is John, and transports you into another place and time, putting you one-0n-one with the musical legend who shook the world”.

Suspend your belief and prepare to be transfixed by an incredible evening of music and imagery at the VanWezel Performing Arts Hall.