Hooray for Hollywood

February 16, 2013 @ 8pm

“This is one of those shows that is just pure entertainment from the opening number until the curtain falls”. Hooray for Hollywood, last year’s winner of Branson’s Best New Show and Best Dance Troop Awards, is a high energy performance of some of the greatest moments in Hollywood movie song and dance history, featuring spectacular costuming, stunning choreography and some of the finest vocalists and dancers to grace any stage.

Hooray for Hollywood is a totally new show featuring the last  50 years of Hollywood’s most exciting music.  The show’s format is unique in that it features film clips from the actual movie on a huge screen covering the back of the stage, as the show’s cast brings its musical moments to life.  As would be expected in a show with its name the show covers a wide range of Hollywood music from Dancing In the Rain, The Wizard of OZ, West Side Story, Flashdance, Fame, Mary Poppins, Titanic, Mama Mia, Saturday Night Fever, Chicago and many more.

This exciting and iconic music is brought to life amid an amazing number of colorful costuming changes, great choreography, sets, sound and lighting as it moves seamlessly from one “production number” to another.  The term “production number” could have have been  coined for this show because each number in the show has been thoughtfully costumed and choreographed to showcase the music being sung and danced in its own unique and entertaining way for each of its over 30 songsHooray for Hollywood was produced by the award winning production team that brought us Spirit of the Dance and Le Grand Cirque and was hailed by critics as the best new variety show of the 2011 season.

As exciting as the content and the way it is presented is, it is the energy, talent and enthusiasm of the cast that makes Hooray for Hollywood such a wonderful entertainment experience. “Their talent and the variety of the songs and dances they perform, from full stage production numbers, to duets and solos, is a joy to experience”.  The tap dancing number featured in Puttin On The Ritz the excitement and nostaglia of the classic song from Saturday Night Fever and the poignant performance of “My Heart Will Go  On” from the movie Titanic are classic examples of their versatility and talent.

If you would like to spend an evening just being “monumentally entertained” be at the VanWezel on Saturday evening February 16 and you will be glad just to be “Staying Alive”… and that’s not just “All That Jazz”….That’s Entertainment!