The True Story Behind Man of La Mancha


Man of La Mancha, the Broadway musical was written by Dale Wasserman, it is based on the 16th century novel Don Quixote written by Miguel de Cervantes. Previous to Man of La Mancha being written and performed, Don Quixote had been attempted at the theatre a number of times including; ballet, motion picture, play and opera, neither of them pertaining to the story that Wasserman discovered. When Dale Wasserman first read Don Quixote he concluded that the book could not and should not be adapted for the stage. His fascination lay with the author himself Cervantes. Wasserman wondered what kind of a man could create such an incredible piece of work, how could he have so much wit and wisdom? As Wasserman pondered these thoughts, he set out to discover who Cervantes was.

ManofLaMancha0024[1]What unreeled was a story of failure, Cervantes was: a soldier shot and injured at the Battle of Lepanto, he was seized by pirates and enslaved, his marriage failed, he had an illegitimate daughter, he served multiple prison terms, and the list went on.  Wasserman was overwhelmed at his findings and the disastrous misfortune that formed the pattern of Cervantes life. Alas there was a turning point in Cervantes life, in his fifties, poverty stricken with an infirm body and diminishing eyesight, despite all odds he undertook the writing of a book, Don Quixote.

At age fifty eight, Cervante’s Don Quixote was published, he received fame but little financial reward. He died in 1616 but his book lived on, widely regarded today as the world’s first and possibly greatest novel which created a turning point in world literature.

It was this story that captivated Wasserman, he was enchanted with the man behind the book as much as the book itself. “… I discovered the design for a play I wanted to write. Not an adaption of Don Quixote, but a tribute to the spirit of his creator. To blend and merge their identities-for what I had learned was in all essential ways Miguel de Cervantes was Don Quixote. The upset of existence never dimmed the brightness of his vision, never soured his mouth nor his humor; never stripped him of his faith.” – Dale Wasserman

ManofLaMancha0027[1]Wasserman’s musical, Man of La Mancha, brings to life fantasy and adventure in an epic tale that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit! He has allowed us to enter the mind and world of Cervante’s Don Quixote as he pursues his quest for the impossible dream.

“The musical that’s set above and apart from all others by touching the heart!! An exquisite musical play!” – New York Daily News

Now that you know the fascinating story behind Man of La Mancha we are sure that you will enjoy the production even more. With our recently added matinée performance on February 20, 2014 we still have tickets