5 FREE things to do at the Van Wezel


Thinking of visiting the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall? Perhaps you have tickets to see Salute To Vienna, maybe a bay side luncheon rental with your company or a Schooltime show for the kiddies. Well we are much more than just “shows”. In fact some of our best showy stuff is free! Yup, as in not a penny spent because you want a penny saved. Here’s your inside guide to all things free at The Van Wezel.

1. Bring your lunch, grab a waterfront seat courtesy of our outdoor furniture for your relaxing pleasure. Deep breaths, decompress and enjoy the soothing sounds of splashing surf, singing seabirds and slowly drifting clouds of wonder. The only other wonder you’ll be concerned with is “I wonder if I should go back to work?”


2. How bout them thar fish? Florida is kind of a big deal when it comes to fishing. With a boat launch right at our entrance, you could be serving fresh catch for dinner and catching shows by evening!VW_RINGLING_BRIDGE_2015

3. A little exercise helps keep are moving parts working. Ok fine, we know that. How bout walking our grounds, they’re part of the amazing trails network our lovely city of Sarasota has established. Another great lifestyle investment which just so happens to include commanding views of the Ringling bridge.VW_TRAIL_2015

4. If numbers is your thing, try counting all the purple street lamps that line the beautiful pathways, some easy and obvious, others will require a little sleuthing and getting off the path a bit.VW_DAYTIME_BAYSIDE_2015

5. Find the Purple Cow and give her a kiss. Kissing cows are rare indeed and ours is purple! Purple?

Let us know what are some of your favorite freeebies here so we can share the beauty that is The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall